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 5 Ways Your Gift Will Directly Impact Corporate Practices

Protecting communities’ right to safe and sufficient water

Too often, corporations aren’t proactively managing their water consumption and water impacts leaving communities with inadequate and/or polluted water sources. Your gift to ICCR helps our members press global companies in the agricultural, food and beverage sectors to implement sustainable water stewardship policies that ensure clean, sufficient water for surrounding communities is respected and protected as a basic human right. 



Putting children’s health before corporate profits

The obesity epidemic is no longer confined to just a few states in the U.S.: it’s becoming a global and multigenerational pandemic impacting millions, and is a significant contributor to the skyrocketing costs of healthcare. ICCR members work to ensure that food and beverage companies promote healthy food choices for kids and further, that retailers are making these foods available and affordable in all neighborhoods.



Workers in the seafood industry are at risk for human traffickingRooting out slavery and human trafficking in global supply chains

Increased geo-political conflict, unemployment and environmental stressors like climate change are increasing the risks of forced labor and modern day slavery, both at the commodity and manufacturing levels. Corporations have a responsibility to ensure that workers in their supply chains are protected from human rights violations, and the implementation of human rights policies, advocated by ICCR members, is a first step towards compliance.



Increasing access to HIV/AIDS drugs in low and middle income countriesIncreasing access to life-saving HIV/AIDS medicines

While much progress has been made in the development of new treatments for HIV/AIDS, the cost of these drugs remains, in most cases, prohibitively high. ICCR helps speed the delivery of low-cost, generic HIV/AIDS medicines to low- and middle-income countries by persuading drug companies to share patents through the Medicines Patent Pool. To date, the Pool’s partners have distributed 2.18 billion doses of HIV medicines in 117 countries.


Helping ensure ethics in bankingBringing ethics back to banking 

Ethical breaches, particularly in the area of home mortgages, nearly brought down our global financial system in 2008 and continue to wreak economic havoc for us all, including the financial institutions responsible. ICCR’s engagements with banks have thus far produced ethics and business standards reports from two major banks with two more coming within the year. In addition, ICCR members have assisted NGOs working with impacted communities in Virginia to recover millions in settlements for fraudulent loans.


Your generosity makes these and many other initiatives possible. Won’t you consider making a gift today?


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