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How we're funded

ICCR is a membership organization, and our work is funded through a variety of sources, including membership dues, fees and services, grants from foundations, and donations from our committed supporters.

While we often quote the collective invested capital of our members ($100 billion) to illustrate the power of the ICCR shareholder coalition, it is important not to confuse our members' assets with the monies used to fund the day-today operations of ICCR, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization as our accounts are entirely independent.

ICCR's operating budget comes in at nearly $2 million and as a faith-based nonprofit, we are careful stewards of these funds. The majority of our operating budget covers the salaries of our small professional staff which coordinates and supports the corporate engagements of our dues-paying membership organizations in their work to advance corporate social responsibility.

Read ICCR's Audited Financial Statements for 2013.

How ICCR uses donations


Meet some of ICCR's committed donors:

Robert L. and Olive W. Turnipseed, Sr.

"Through the years, we have supported ICCR because it works with businesses and corporations to ensure the realization of their full potential for the benefit of shareholders, employees and members of the wider community. It gathers resources from non-governmental organizations to work together to make the US economy more fair, just, and function for the benefit and well-being of all citizens of our country, not just those with capital and wealth. We feel the work of ICCR is unique in that it both challenges and cooperates with corporations and businesses in this task.  When their actions undermine a fair and just economy, ICCR challenges and works with them to find better choices. It also engages and assists them in dealing with the complex moral and ethical issues of our time related to work and the economy. It is very satisfying for us to be in partnership with ICCR in these significant tasks."

 David W. Foster

"The strength of ICCR comes from its remarkable members and associates: the women and men who have bravely challenged and confronted the corporate powers and principalities of this world. Their work for a better world through greater corporate responsibility is an inspiration and a witness to the transforming power of faith. They have accomplished so much; yet so much remains to be done. Supporting them through ICCR is a privilege and an opportunity. By giving to ICCR, we all may take part in this mighty work."


 Robert A. Ayres

"As a person of faith, I care about the social impact of the companies in which I invest.  As an ordinary shareholder, my influence over the decisions and behavior of corporations is extremely limited.  The Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility creates a critical mass of concern, and couples this concern with over forty years  experience in developing tools that enable a diverse community of faith to leverage shared values to yield tangible results in the marketplace.  I give to ICCR each year because I consider my gift an investment in the work of building a more equitable, ethical, and democratic corporate culture in the United States and around the world."


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