The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act

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For far too many Americans, there is no security in the event of sickness and most agree that reforms are urgently needed to fix the broken U.S. health care system and rein in out-of-control costs. ICCR members working with companies in the health care sector, many of them health care professionals themselves, believe that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) passed in 2010 and currently in its first stages of implementation, while imperfect, contains meaningful provisions that are our best hope for sector-wide reform.

ICCR members encourage health care companies to do their part to educate consumers about the benefits of the legislation and to ensure that their lobbying and political activities don't inadvertently undermine these efforts by funding "anti-Obamacare" messaging. 

ICCR further encourages companies across a variety of sectors to provide health care benefits to their employees, and to do their part to help promote greater access and affordability of health care services for those who need it most.

Featured ICCR Initiative

In their dialogues, ICCR members seek commitment from employers, medical device and pharmaceutical manufacturers, retail pharmacy distributors, and insurance companies to quality, affordable health care for all including alignment of public communication/ education and advocacy activities.

  1. Assure they have plans to reach expanding individual and small business markets
  2. Articulate plans for reaching the previously uninsured
  3. Show evidence that they are encouraging States to implement robust marketplaces
  4. Support and do not work to “dilute” new requirements for standardizing health insurance plans.
  5. Describe plans to bend the cost curve
  6. Allocate resources to improving health care quality
  7. Increase transparency using SASB reporting tool

Featured Resources

ICCR's Statement of Principles and Recommended Practices for Corporations on Domestic Health Issues.  ICCR's white paper on the responsibilities of corporations regarding access to health care.

An Ounce of Prevention. From The Corporate Examiner, article profiles Member action on increasing access to health care in the U.S.

A Shared Responsibility: Employers and the Affordable Care Act. The Commonwealth Fund analyses how both employers and employees must "share responsibilities" under the new Affordable Care Act

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Why American Healthcare Costs are So High

Why Are American Health Care Costs So High?

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