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"ICCR played a game-changing role for ROC and restaurant workers this year. Restaurant worker members of ROC are leading a campaign against worker exploitation, with one of the world's largest restaurant companies. ICCR members filed supportive shareholder resolutions and one of them was adopted. This work has sent a powerful message to the company and to the industry that investors support sustainable wages and working conditions."

Saru Jaramayan
Restaurant Opportunities Centers United


"The importance of the investor voice in shaping the emerging water stewardship paradigm, and the work of the CEO Water Mandate in particular, cannot be understated. Specifically, the contributions of ICCR Members to the Mandate’s workstreams on corporate water disclosure, water and human rights, and water-related collective action have been invaluable. The Mandate Secretariat very much appreciates and hopes ICCR members will continue to encourage companies to join the initiative, and to engage with many of the companies that endorse the Mandate so as to help them up their approach to water stewardship."

Jason Morrison, Technical Director
UN CEO Water Mandate


“I am a firm believer in the power of strong, 2-way consultations with investors. My conversations with ICCR members began as soon as I came to Campbell and they continue today. These dialogues help advance our understanding of emerging issues … the dialogues challenge our thinking and provide the opportunity to share our point of view on a range of topics to a group of stakeholders invested in our company’s  long-term future.” See more 

Dave Stangis, Vice President – Public Affairs and Corporate Responsibility
The Campbell Family of Brands

“ICCR was a significant catalyst that lead to the Coca-Cola’s adoption of the Human Rights Statement and Workplace Rights Policy in 2007… ICCR was the first organization to bring the importance of [human] trafficking to the company’s attention. As a direct result of the discussion in 2010, we included our migrant labor issue in our 2010 and 2011 sustainability reports.” See more

Edward E. Potter, Director, Global Workplace Rights
The Coca-Cola Company







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Rev. Nigel Pearce

On leadership: "Trust, ethics and responsibility are key."

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Liam O'Neil

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