Financial Practices and Risk

  • ICCR’s financial services group has been in dialogue with the nation’s largest banks, regulatory agencies and financial policy experts for four decades calling for greater access to affordable credit for low-income communities and proper risk oversight systems to help stabilize global financial markets and mitigate against future financial crises.


    On November 29th ICCR members met with Richard Cordray of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB). It was an opportunity to brief the director on ICCR's  four decades of advocacy on economic justice issues through shareholder engagement. The session also focused on ways in which the CFPB and ICCR can continue to work together in improving the transparency and accountability of the services and products that are offered by banks and other institutions in the financial system


    Featured ICCR Initiatives

    Payday lending/direct deposit advances. We are encouraging banks to come up with better, safer products that help people access affordable credit that won’t trap them in long-term debt.  

    Current engagements will focus on risk management protocols as well as curbing excessive executive compensation, calling for independent board/chair and curtailing lobbying and political spending that attempts to undermine implementation of Dodd Frank regulations.



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