• Responsible stewardship of our planet as God's creation is embedded in all faith traditions. As member Sr. Patricia Daly put it so beautifully, "The earth is the primary revelation of the holy." Managing our resources in a way that ensures they will be available to future generations is the very definition of sustainability.

    The concept of “environmental justice”, which acknowledges that environmental impacts are felt most keenly by individuals and communities least able to mitigate against them, forms the basis of our engagements on environmental issues and has been a priority for ICCR members since our founding.   

    Featured ICCR Initiatives

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    Safer Fracking ICCR promotes an industry-wide framework for management of hydraulic fracturing operations that puts all energy companies on the same page in terms of investor and community expectations.  


    global warming

    Climate Change. Led by member Walden Asset Management, ICCR’s Raising the Bar campaign is an urgent and necessary response to the ongoing climate crisis. 

    Featured Resources

    Mossville, Cancer Capitol

    Our profile of the community of Mossville, Louisiana - America's "Cancer Capitol".

    Disciplined Listening

    ICCR members visit Newmont's Mining facilities in Cajamarca, Peru.

    The Price of Denial

    A summary of  investor actions to mitigate against the threat of global warming.

    40 Years of Environmental Stewardship

    A 40-year timeline illustrating ICCR engagement on environmental initiatives.


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    Methane Emissions

    Their role in driving climate change.

    Chris Hobsen of Southern Company

    Chris Hobson of Southern Company

    Climate Change

    Climate 2013: Perspectives of 8 Scientists

    Eight scientists leading research discuss climate change.

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