Corporate Governance

  • ICCR members and staff have long  championed and safeguarded the right to be active owners of corporations and are committed to protecting the shareholder advocacy process as a cornerstone of corporate democracy. As investors and fiduciaries, we seek to encourage  governance practices that will improve both investor and public relations through greater transparency and accountability and thereby reduce reputational and legal risks. 

    Featured ICCR Initiative

    For more information about what we are working on right now, please explore the following link.

    Investors Encourage Corporations to Leave ALEC. ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council is a corporate-funded group responsible for the creation of controversial pieces of legislation.

    Featured Resources

    SEC Decision on Vote Counting Protects Shareholder Rights

    The 2015 CPA-Zicklin Index of Corporate Political Accountability and Disclosure

    How leading companies are strengthening their political spending policies. From the Center for Political Accountability.

    CalPERS' "Global Principles of Accountable Corporate Governance"

    The California Public Employees' Retirement System articulates principles for sound corporate governance. 

    Why good corporate governance is vital.

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