ICCR's Issues

ICCR priority issues (issues that receive staff support) are determined through a prioritization process that occurs every five years and is voted on by the full membership. Current priority issues are as follows:


Corporate Governance (board independence and diversity, executive compensation, lobbying and political spending)


Medical billDomestic Health (drug pricing, pharmaceutical sector, medical devices, health insurance)


Climate Change(science-based GHG reduction, methane emissions, electric utilities)


Financial Services (risk management, responsible lending)


Food (access to nutrition, antibiotics in meat production, food waste, labor)


Global Health (access to medicines for HIV/AIDS, non-communicable diseases)


Human Rights (human trafficking and slavery, the "no fees" initiative, fair chance hiring, Bangladesh)


Water (human right to water, corporate water impacts)




Voices of Survivors of Human Trafficking

Voices of Survivors Cast Video Skalickyphoto.com

CAST, the Coalition to Abolish Slavery & Trafficking, gives voice to the survivors of human trafficking.

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