ICCR's Corporate Engagements

The number of resolutions filed by ICCR members rose, from last year’s 257 to 283 – this increase isa continuation of a trend we’ve seen for the last 5 years. The total number of companies receiving resolutions this year is down slightly to 165 from 182 last year.

ICCR members have already negotiated 28 substantive agreements with companies, and have withdrawn their resolutions as a result. Successes include: 

  • Exxon’s appointment of a climate scientist to its board of directors.
  • Two companies -- Jack in the Box and Restaurant Brands International -- made commitments to curb or phase out medically important antibiotics used in chicken.
  • Wells Fargo agreed to revise its bylaws to separate its CEO and Board Chair roles.
  • And Valeant agreed to clawback executive incentive pay for misconduct

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Corporate dialogues and shareholder resolutions are two powerful tools that ICCR uses to  encourage corporations to improve their social and environmental records. See more.